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But its hard cause me and my mom aren't or don't have the best of relationship

Then u might have to wait tell ur are 18 .. But until then Just save ur money so u can do it then


Hi the (13yo) here I wanna start my transition and have top surgery is there any way I can convince my mom to let me do so

I’m 22 now I convinced my mom to let me cut my hair off at 13 and she was never against how I felt about my self there’s just a certain age for everything … It’s a long process don’t be in a rush first things first u have to get hormones and that starts with therapy .. Hormones alone can make u feel a little more comfortable .. Try to find therapist in ur area.. And c if u mom will accompany to the sessions .. All the surgeries are extremely expensive .. Have u look on line there’s a lot of websites that will help u with outlining the process . But u still have a lot of growning to do .. Don’t be in a rush .. If u mom sees ur willing to take the steps it might be easier for her to understand ..


whats your opinion on Ftm

I myself eventually plan on doing my surgeries … Since I was born I believe I was suppose to be a male .. My only opinion on it is that it expensive , lol

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